Andrea Zaramella
Andrea Zaramella

Andrea Zaramella Addresses “Posture”

By Joe Dancer
Contributing Author
Photo courtesy of Andrea Zaramella
Tips and Tricks and Do’s and Don’ts in DanceSport

American Dancer is pleased to open its “Tips and Tricks and Do’s and Don’ts in DanceSport” series featuring USA Dance Professional Andrea Zaramella.  In this — the premier — edition, Zaramella presents his views on “Posture.”  He addresses this issue as it pertains to all styles and levels of dancing.  

Andrea Zaramella started dancing at the age of nine in the small city of Brindisi, on the Southeast coast of Italy.  He started traveling and competing all over the world from the age of 14 and has to-date a successful 27-year career in ballroom dance.  

His accomplishments include:

  • 5-time undefeated Italian Ballroom Champion
  • United Kingdom rising Star Professional Ballroom Champion, 
  • Finalist and Runner-up in the Blackpool Dance Festival.  

Andrea is a certified World dance Council International Adjudicator for Italy and a USA Dance Adjudicator.  Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, he currently teaches, coaches, and choreographs for top performing competitive students, as well as Amateur and Professional couples.  He also produces and manages shows, camps, and dance competitions in the United States and Europe.  Some of them include:  The Excellence Dance Festival, The Charlotte Star Ball, Dance Legends, The Masters Global Training Camp, The Chicago DanceSport Challenge, and his personal P3 Program, designed for top-level ballroom competitive couples.  

Thank you, Mr. Zaramella, for your time and talents. 

Tips and Tricks and Do’s and Don’ts will be a regular series in American Dancer.  We hope to actively seek out pointers, from our USA Dance Professionals, that will lead to success on the dance floor.  So, if you are a professional within USA Dance and have an idea or instructional video you would like to share, please send it to  We know that our Professionals have a lot of great information.  Please share it. 

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