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Benefits benefit USA Dance Member

By Joe Dancer
Contributing Author
How one member saved over $180 this year using their membership!

USA Dance would like to take the time to remind you of the various benefits of USA Dance membership with companies like Dance Vision, DSI London, and PerkSpot.  This month we’ll talk about PerkSpot, which includes discounts and benefits at popular brands and stores.

We’re sure many of you brushed off past announcements about PerkSpot thinking, “Eh, this isn’t dance-related.  How can it help me?”

Hear the tale of one of our volunteers:

“On a lark, I decided to browse through Perkspot after getting two lovable cats from the animal shelter.  Conveniently, they had an offer that saved us $15 on our first order of cat food from Chewy.  Additionally, they had $100 off a robot vacuum, as copious amounts of shedding made our cleaning regimen more intense than before.  Lastly, we were able to save a whopping $700 (50%!) on a Samsung Frame TV because we looked at the right time through Perkspot. The internet claims this model is rarely discounted to the public. The cats love “bird TV” in high definition! Since that is a little pricey, we looked today and the current special deals provide at least 20% off of the public prices of most TVs on Samsung’s website – probably worth at least $60 if you’re in the market. So, more practically, you might save $180 – many times the cost of a USA Dance membership”.  

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