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Denis Kutepov & Grace Yu

California Regional Championships

By Renata Shvarts
Contributing Author
Photos courtesy of California Regional Championships
A Spectacular Celebration of Grace, Passion, and Competition!
Giuseppe Nonnis & Dasha Chesnokova

The California Regional DanceSport Championships, held at the historic Biltmore Los Angeles, was a spectacular celebration of grace, passion, and competition. Hosted by the renowned Karina Smirnoff, Denis Kutepov, and Renata Shvarts, this event brought together some of the brightest talents in the ballroom dancing industry. It served as an exceptional platform for dancers of all levels to showcase their skills, ignite their passion, and connect with one another.

Emanuel Valeri & Nadya Solzhenitsyn

This prestigious event boasted an impressive panel of judges, each contributing a wealth of experience and expertise. Their distinguished backgrounds and accomplishments in the world of DanceSport ensured a high standard of adjudicating, which significantly enhanced the competition’s overall success. The illustrious panel, including judges from Great Britain, Italy, Ukraine, China, Canada, and the United States, offered a unique viewpoint.

Daniil Babenko & Reagan To

The Championships kicked off on Friday with a variety of events highlighting the versatility and skill of the dancers. The Adult and Senior syllabus events in the afternoon provided a platform for dancers to demonstrate their technical prowess in all four styles. As the evening unfolded, the excitement intensified with the Youth, Adult, and Senior Open events, where dancers pushed the boundaries of their routines, captivating the audience with their creativity. The evening culminated with the highly anticipated World Dance Organisation (WDO) World Championship Pro/Am Standard and Smooth final rounds, and the dancers delivered performances that were both technically precise and artistically inspiring.

Carlos Barrionuevo & Mate Valdes

Saturday’s Day Session focused on younger dancers, with all Pre-Teen, Junior, and Youth syllabus events taking center stage. The energy and enthusiasm of these young performers were infectious, showcasing a bright future for ballroom dancing. The Pro/Am Latin and Rhythm events added an extra layer of competition, with dancers vying for prestigious titles.

Oleksandr Polyvka & Laila Rubashevsky

The highlight of the evening session was undoubtedly the WDO World Pro/Am Show Dance Championship. This segment allowed dancers to showcase their storytelling abilities through dance, resulting in performances that were nothing short of spectacular.

Aleksei Chebotar & Mariia Oblakova

The audience was treated to breathtaking showcases by world-renowned dance couples. WDO World Professional Latin Finalist Giuseppe Nonnis and Dasha Chesnokova dazzled with their impeccable technique and captivating stage presence. From Argentina, Carlos Barrionuevo and Mayte Valdes brought the sultry and passionate world of Argentine Tango to life, while USA Dance’s very own Aleksei Chebotar and Mariia Oblakova debuted their captivating interpretation of the Argentine Tango.

WDO Pro/Am Standard World Championship

Sunday featured the highly anticipated National Training Camp, where 14 esteemed coaches from Great Britain, Italy, Canada, and the USA shared their vast expertise with dancers of all levels and ages. This enriching experience provided a unique opportunity for participants to learn from some of the best in the industry, fostering growth, skill development, and a deeper passion for DanceSport.


Senior II International Standard Regional Championship

The California Regional DanceSport Championships was a resounding success, celebrating the art and sport of ballroom dancing in an unforgettable way. The event provided dancers with a platform to learn, grow, and connect while offering the audience a glimpse into the world of competitive ballroom dancing. The combination of the historical grandeur of the Biltmore Los Angeles, the exceptional talent of USA Dance and WDO competitors, and the passionate performances by some of the best dancers in the world made this event a truly magical experience.

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