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Celebrating 2023: A Style Review

By Julie Michelle Wilson – Creative Director with Callie Maginnis, and Abigail Bruggeman
Contributing Author
Photos Courtesy of Encore Ballroom Couture
Ballroom Trend Report - American Dancer's Fashion Experts reflect on their favorite fashion moments of 2023.

Editor’s Note:  USA Dance Members Julie Wilson and Callie Maginnis, with Abigail Bruggeman, have again translated the world’s current fashion trends into ballroom creations for our USA Dancers!  

There’s no denying that 2023 was a memorable year for fashion.  The fashion industry pushed boundaries and set new trends in 2023, from iconic red carpet looks at a Karl Lagerfeld-themed Met Gala to a “Barbenhimer” summer.  This is what the team has to say about this year’s fashion!

Julie Wilson, Fashion Expert for American Dancer and owner of Encore Ballroom Couture, was excited about Iris Apfel’s 102nd birthday!  Wilson said, “She is a woman not afraid to stand out with color, style, and prints!”  Here are some dresses that embody her joyous and colorful point of view!

The Barbie-core trend has taken the fashion world by storm, with celebrities like Margot Robbie embracing it on the red carpet.  Callie Maginnis even went as far as to declare Robbie a true style icon for 2023.  However, it was Callie’s favorite outfit that truly stood out from the typical hot pink, Barbie-core aesthetic.  Robbie’s black sequin Schiaparelli gown not only paid homage to the iconic 1960 Solo in the Spotlight Barbie doll but also showcased a stunning A-line silhouette with a voluminous tulle hem.  These dresses perfectly embodied the essence of this 2023 trend.

Thanks to Miu Miu, shorts followed in the footsteps of miniskirts and became micro in 2023!  Abigail Bruggeman named this sexy micro hemline her favorite trend of the year.  She thinks this trend can easily be translated to ballroom fashion deeming it the perfect trend for any lady “looking to show some extra leg!”







Do you have a knack for fashion?  Why don’t you share your views with the readers of American Dancer?  There is so much for us all to learn.  Send your ideas, stories, and commentary to:

About the Creative Director:

Julie Michelle Wilson is the owner of Encore Ballroom Couture, the leading consignment and rental dress company in the ballroom dance industry. She has been a professional dancer for almost 20 years.  She enjoys creative expression on and off the dance floor! 

About the Writer:

Callie Maginnis is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a double major in Fashion Design and English. She is the dress manager at Encore Ballroom Couture and loves the sparkle and shine of the ballroom dance industry!

About the Author:

Abigail Bruggeman, a senior at Marymount University, is pursuing a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Public Relations. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep love for fashion, she stays on top of latest trends and is able to translate the latest fashions into elegant ballroom attire. 

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