Collegiate dancers at Nationals
USA Dance 2022 Nationals drew 30 universities and college teams from across the United States. University of Minnesota’s dance team placed first overall! Photo by Guy Platt.

Collegiates Make Memories at 2022 Nationals

By Compiled by Rose-Ann Lynch
Managing Editor
and Christine Zona, Contributing Author
It was energetic, fun, full of talent, and really, really LOUD!!!

The USA Dance 2022 National Ballroom DanceSport Championships, held April 1-3 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, were especially exciting this year, as the event also incorporated the college-level competitions from the National Collegiate DanceSport Championships.  Students from 30 universities and colleges joined the 2022 Championships to compete for individual and team titles.  It was energetic, fun, full of talent, and really, really LOUD!!!

In the end, the dancers from the University of Minnesota claimed the top spot, edging out — by only 0.25% of a point — Purdue University’s team, which came in second.  To the delight of the home crowd, third place went to Pittsburgh’s-own Carnegie Mellon University.  

The college team events were the largest events of the entire competition and included 91 talented and energetic dancers from across the country.

In overall ranking, the top 13 schools were:

  1. University of Minnesota
  2. Purdue University
  3. Carnegie Mellon University
  4. Ohio State University
  5. University of Houston
  6. Georgia Tech
  7. University of Pittsburgh
  8. Indiana University
  9. Rochester Institute of Technology
  10. Oakland University
  11. University of Alabama
  12. Duke Ballroom Dance Club
  13. Michigan State University

American Dancer
congratulates Christine Zona and Daniel O’Connell for their hard work in recruiting and organizing the participation of so many great university and college dance teams.  Enjoy reading Carnegie Mellon dancer Brenna Wrubel’s perspective about her first Nationals, and an article submitted by the University of Alabama’s dance team.

University and College Dancers: Do you have a dance story to tell?  Send it to

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