I Deserve A New Dress Because…

By Rose-Ann Lynch
Managing Editor
Photo By Carson Zullinger
40 Excuses Why You Must Have That New Dress

In the past, American Dancer has provided guidance and hints for purchasing:

We’ve even told you what to do with your old dress — I Love My Old Dress.

So, it happens!  You see that beautiful dress and you love it.  But how do you convince your husband, your partner, your parents, your teacher, etc. that you must have it?  Fear not!!! American Dancer is here to help!  Here are 40 possible reasons. 

I deserve a new dress because:

  1. I have been wearing the same dress for years.
  2. I have too much money and need to spend it.
  3. The styles have changed.
  4. What? This old thing?
  5. I have nothing to wear.
  6. None of my dresses have feathers.
  7. All of my dresses have feathers.
  8. My dress doesn’t fit.
  9. My teachers said I need a new dress.
  10. My dress is falling apart.
  11. My dress is too poofy.
  12. My dress isn’t poofy enough.
  13. I want to be more sparkly.
  14. It doesn’t go with my new hair color.
  15. I don’t need a reason.
  16. I danced great! I deserve it!
  17. You ran me into another couple. You owe me.
  18. There’s room in my closet.
  19. I sold a dress. Now there’s room in my closet.
  20. I can’t sell my old dress, until I buy a new one.
  21. It’s on sale! Think of the money we’ll save.
  22. I caught you flirting with another dancer.
  23. This dress is very different.
  24. You’re the one who wanted to dance a new Dance Style.
  25. I’m a Goddess. What better way to adore me?
  26. You missed our Anniversary.
  27. My birthday is coming up…again.
  28. My psychic said I am due for a big change.
  29. We are not winning.
  30. We moved up a level.
  31. Nationals are in St. Louis, March 17-19 – Had to get that advertisement in there.
  32. I need a “pick me up.”
  33. No reason, just because….
  34. It’s perfect. It was meant for me.
  35. Valentine’s Day. How about Valentine’s Day?  Oh, is that past?  Darn!
  36. I left my dress at home.
  37. My luggage got lost.
  38. The dog ate my homework.
  40. I want one!!!

You have been given a valuable gift here.  These are proven weapons for your buying arsenal.  However, it is important to recognize that timing and sincerity are important when delivering each of these carefully crafted clever responses.  Practice your hopeful-anticipation look, along with your pout, cry, and disappointed face.  And, if it works, don’t forget to exhibit that “New Dress Glow!”

Do you have other suggestions?  Send them and your dress stories to americandancer@usadance.org.  And Happy Shopping!

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