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Vedic Meditation

By Jason Gember
Contributing Author
Photos Courtesy of Jason Gerber
Dancer studies ancient meditation in the Himalayas

My journey in meditation began in 2019 after hearing a podcast about Vedic Meditation.  In the podcast, they discussed all the benefits of this type of meditation.  I contacted the website of Thom Knoles and found a teacher to teach me Vedic Meditation in Chicago.

Vedic Meditation is based on a practice dating back several thousands of years ago.  It is not religious, and it is not a belief system.  It is a technique in which one closes their eyes and uses a mantra silently within themself.  

Vedic Meditation is a form of meditation that is different from other types of meditation.  In Vedic Meditation you meditate twice a day for 20 minutes.  Once in the morning and once in the late afternoon or early evening.  People of all ages can benefit from this type of meditation.

Ganges River and the Himalayan Mountains in India.

I believe my experience as a Physical Education teacher led me to become a successful meditation teacher.  I took a three-month leave from my teaching position in January 2023 to attend the Vedic Meditation Teacher Training at the base of the Himalayan Mountains in India.  The training included an intense program studying techniques used to teach Vedic Meditation.  The training was headed up by Thom Knoles, known worldwide in Vedic Meditation.  I have taught several people this technique since returning from India.

I have experienced many benefits from Vedic Meditation in my ballroom dancing. Vedic Meditation has greatly improved my focus, confidence, performance, and technique in my dancing.  My wife did not go with me to India for my training, but we talked daily about my classes.  My experience with Vedic Mediation has helped our dance partnership and might help others.


Jason Gember and his wife, Mimi, are members of the Chicagoland Chapter and compete in USA Dance competitions at the Silver/Gold level in both Smooth and Rhythm.  They have been dancing and competing for 12 years together and danced our first USA competition in 2019.  

Jason is available for questions about Vedic Meditation.

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