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This information is constantly updated. Make sure you check back.
Nationals will be held March 17-19 in St. Louis, Missouri!
Registration for USA Dance Nationals is now officially closed.   Here is the entry list.  Did you miss the cut-off date?  There is still a chance.  Any registration submitted after March 2, must be made directly through the registrar. 
Don’t forget to reserve your make-up and hair appointments! The schedule is now available on o2cm, so you should be able to determine when the best time to get an appointment. You can find your heat sheets at and then use the contact information below to reserve your appointments:
Designs by Riveras
KD Love Studio
Lashes and Brushes
Here are a few items you may need to know about checking in at Nationals 2023:
  • Competitors must renew their memberships ahead of time, as it may affect their ability to register.
  • Registration officially closed Thursday, March 2.  Entries can only be accepted now by contacting the registrar and will only be considered if they do not add an additional round to an event.
  • The Online payment system will close Thursday, March 9.
  • Competitors who canceled by February 15 will receive a 75% refund of their entry fees.  Those who canceled between February 15 and March 2 will receive a 50% refund.  Those canceling after March 2 will not receive refunds.
  • To check in at Nationals, all competitors must provide a Photo ID.  If a Youth competitor does not have a photo ID, the parent or guardian will be asked to provide their photo ID.
  • Collegiate Competitors must provide a current Collegiate ID.
  • All competitors must provide evidence of current USA Dance membership.  Membership renewal will not be available at the event.
  • All competitors must fill out an Athlete Waiver form.
  • All competitors except Pro-Am Students must fill out an Anti-Doping Form.
  • To make the Check-In process faster, you may download your athlete waiver and anti-doping forms from the Registration page on the website at  Fill them out, but DO NOT SIGN THEM.  Bring them with you to the event.
  • Collegiate Competitors: When you registered in O2CM, the system charged the entry fees for all events.  The fees for the 20 dances included in your registration package will be removed by the Registrar.  Please pay after your account has been adjusted.
  • Collegiate Team Match Competitors: Only one person should register for the team in O2CM.  Please download and complete the Team Match Entry Form from the Registration page on the website and return it to
Spectator Tickets.  Are you or your family and friends coming to the USA Dance National DanceSport Ballroom Championships to spectate? Don’t forget to reserve your tickets in advance!  Tickets purchased in advance are discounted and ensure entry even if the sessions fill up. You can purchase tickets in advance at
Would you like the best seat in the house? The VIP Pass gives you admission to the entire weekend, including Friday’s social dance, plus seating and snacks at a table in the VIP section. It’s an excellent option for those looking to be close to the action. It also provides a far more comfortable and easy location to film your dancing family and friends. A VIP Pass is more expensive than regular spectator seats, but we think you’re getting your money’s worth.


Anti-Doping Rules will apply at Nationals.  Know the Rules! Follow the Rules!

  • All DanceSport Athletes participating in USA Dance competitions are eligible to be selected for doping control.
  • As a DanceSport Athlete, you are bound by the code.
  • If you are taking any medication, read the Anti-Doping section under the Competitors tab on the website at to see if you need to submit a Therapeutic Use Exemption Form.

At Nationals, winners of events with scholarships will receive a voucher to be exchanged for the award money at the Ticket Sales Desk.  You must have your USA Dance number and social security number to receive your scholarship.  

Social Dance and Social Conferences:

  • In addition to the Friday night social dance, USA Dance Leadership will be hosting the Chapter Leadership Conferences.
  • There will be seven workshop topics, each hosted more than once throughout the weekend.
  • The National organization will provide a $300 rebate to each representative who stays the entire weekend, attends the workshops, and volunteers for part of the weekend.
  • For all the details on the workshops, rebate, and other benefits, check out and register today.

Volunteers are still needed for Nationals!  If you are interested in working as a volunteer, please contact Sterling Sightler, Nationals Registrar.  She will send you a Volunteer Form with the information that is needed.

Cunard Cruises is Sponsoring Scholarships!  The 2023 USA Dance National Ballroom DanceSport Championships is excited to announce that Cunard® Cruises and Vivian Beiswenger are the title sponsors for the Senior I Championship Competitions and the Senior III Championship Rhythm Competition.
Cruises are excellent opportunities to see unique locations without needing to sort out the logistics from A to B yourself. If you want to see bucket-list opportunities you can do no other way like the Alaskan Glaciers or the Panama Canal, consider taking a trip on Cunard Cruises. If you are worried about not having like-minded people to travel with, fear not – Vivian Beiswenger has opportunities around the world that specialize in welcoming ballroom dancers and ballroom dancing throughout the trip! There will be a booth at the event, or you can visit their websites at and
Cunard® Cruises span the length and breadth of the globe and range from three nights to three months. Each offers ample opportunity to discover the unrivaled sense of freedom and possibility found on board, and the fascinating destinations and cultures you can explore when you sail with them.
After more than twenty years in corporate management at a Fortune 500 company, Vivian started her dance studio, the Ballroom, Latin & Swing Dance Center, and shortly after opened her travel agency under the same name, BLSDC. She was a long-time volunteer of USA Dance and organized many dance competitions for them. In 1997, as Senior Vice President of USA Dance, she chaired the National DanceSport Championships. Today, her full-time focus is on dance cruising. She is a “commodore” with both Cunard and Princess Cruise Lines. She escorts eight to ten cruises per year (sometimes accompanied by her husband, Barry, or her dance partner, Joe Closs), but she organizes hundreds of other groups every year.

Meet You In St. Louis!  The Dance Floor Is Calling!


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