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New Bylaws Announcement

By Ken Richards, President
Contributing Author
The USA Dance Board of Directors have adopted a new set of bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy, and Policy Governing Elections.

The USA Dance Board of Directors, in our initiative to receive National Governing Body status from the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee, have adopted a new set of bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy, and Policy Governing Elections. These are just two of our governing documents that the Board needs to review and update as part of this process in 2022.

The new bylaws are available at:

The new Conflict of Interest Policy is available at:

The new Policy Governing Elections is available at:

Some of the major changes in the new bylaws includes:

  • Formal recognition and commitment to the USOPC 6 tenants of certification as a NGB
  • Formal recognition and commitment to SafeSport and Anti-doping
  • Formal commitment to Financial and Managerial Transparency
  • Formal recognition of voting rights for membership levels in the bylaws
  • Creation of Independent Directors on the Board and as a starting requirement that the Senior Vice President meet this requirement
  • Fully meeting the Ted Stevens Act requirements to include elite athletes from Breaking & Ballroom in all aspects of our governing structure
  • Creating an Athlete’s Council for each DanceSport Division and empowering those elected athletes to choose their representatives for the Board, EC, and other committees
  • Increasing the number of Ballroom DanceSport Delegates from 4 to 7 and ensuring gender identity representation and adult/senior athlete representation as we have with Breaking last October
  • As of January 1, 2023 condensing the Professional Ballroom Dance Council and the Ballroom DanceSport Council into a single council to manage the Ballroom National Sport Program to create 1 council for each division (Social, Ballroom DanceSport, Breaking DanceSport) in our organization. Through attrition, as of January 1, 2023 the current Vice President of Professional Ballroom Dance, Vladimir Karpov, will assume the new unified role of Vice President of DanceSport – Ballroom Division and serve in that role for the remainder of his current term in office.
  • The November 2022 elections will elect the following positions: Senior Vice President, Treasurer, Ballroom DanceSport Delegate 5 (Adult age gender identify as male or non-binary), Ballroom DanceSport Delegate 6 (Senior age gender identify as female or non-binary), and Ballroom DanceSport Delegate 7 (non-gender identity or age category specific).

In line with these new bylaws, USA Dance is now looking for 3 volunteers to fill the position of DanceSport Ballroom Athlete Delegates in the following categories:

  • DanceSport Ballroom Athlete Delegate 3: Adult age gender identify as male or non-binary with a term ending 12/31/2024
  • DanceSport Ballroom Athlete Delegate 4: Adult age gender identify as female or non-binary with a term ending 12/31/2024
  • DanceSport Ballroom Athlete Delegate 5: Adult age gender identify as male or non-binary with a term ending 12/31/2022

These individuals will be voting members of the USA Dance Ballroom Athletes’ Advisory Council with the potential to serve as voting members of the Board of Directors (BOD), Executive Committee (EC), and Ballroom DanceSport Council (BAC).

These positions are a volunteer position with the following responsibilities:

  1. Collaborates with the BAC, BOD and the EC to refine and implement strategic/tactical plans that are aligned with USA Dance’s core mission
  2. Effectively participates in building an effective vision of competitive DanceSport Ballroom Division and implements effective programs in pursuit of this vision
  3. As a representative regularly communicate with athletes regarding potential rule and procedure changes and represent these views at BAC, BOD, and EC meetings.
  4. Ensure the delivery of high quality competitive athletic and educational services while managing for current and future growth
  5. Fosters development of competitions and workshops by chapters and organizers in pursuit of DanceSport Ballroom Division goals
  6. Strong commitment to the development of competitive dance programs including but not limited to educational, developmental, training, health, officials, among others

Requirements for the position other than the specific age/gender identity are:

Each DanceSport Ballroom Athlete Delegate must be an amateur or professional athlete member in good standing and is classified as either an Elite Ten-Year Championship Athlete as defined by the USOPC Bylaws OR represented the United States at the IWGA World Games or IOC Recognized IF for DanceSport World Cup within the last ten years OR have finished in the top 50% in Championship level event at the National Championships within the last three years.

Interested candidates should email a letter of interest, background information, and a resume to President Ken Richards at by 5pm EST Wednesday, May 4, 2022.

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