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New Cooperation Agreement with Dance Vision

By Joe Dancer
Staff Author

All are encouraged to take advantage of new membership benefits for Athletes, Coaches, and Adjudicators, as part of USA Dance’s New Cooperation Agreement with Dance Vision.

During the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors announced a new agreement with Dance Vision to strategically align the two organizations. Dance Vision, also known as DVIDA, operates one of the largest ballroom dance teacher certification programs and provides instruction on syllabus dancers for competitive and social dancers via online and app formats. In recognition of this, USA Dance has recognized Dance Vision as the preferred vendor for educational materials for the American Style syllabus, professional exams, and certifications and will be aligning our American Style syllabus with the Dance Vision syllabus. New adjudicators providing Dance Vision American Style certifications will be recognized by USA Dance without the need for a conversion exam and Dance Vision will accept USA Dance issued American Style certification, if conducted by a USA Dance examiner who is also a Dance Vision examiner.

DanceSport-related benefits for athletes and professional members include a one-time 40% off coupon code for a new monthly or annual membership for USA Dance DanceSport members.  In addition to this membership-wide benefit, $2500 will be donated to offset the costs of the top two eligible couples attending the WDSF Adult World Smooth Championships for the next three years.  Plus, the top two eligible couples will be to attend all Dance Vision training camps and workshops free of charge for the next three years.

To take advantage of the discounted membership benefit, please email Margot Garnick at  In order to maximize the benefit we strongly recommend the annual membership.

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