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Regional Championships in June

By Rose-Ann Lynch
Managing Editor
Photos by Carson Zullinger and Patt Panzer
California Regional DanceSport Championships and Kansas City Dance Classic
Senior Latin Dancers Anatoliy Shvarts and Tatiana Keegan at the 2024 Nationals.  Photo by Carson Zullinger.

Hey DanceSport Athletes!  Are you out there?  Are you all rested from the 2024 Nationals? Don’t get too comfortable!!!  It’s time to get started again and June is delivering two USA Dance Regional Championship opportunities: the California Regional DanceSport Championships, June 14-15, and the Kansas City Dance Classic, with its new dates – June 29-30.

What does this mean and why is it important?  A USA Dance Regional Championship is a competition sanctioned by USA Dance that allows Athletes to qualify for the next annual USA Dance National Ballroom DanceSport Championships. Oh yes, we are talking about qualifying for the 2025 Nationals, which will be held March 28-30, 2025, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

If you haven’t noticed, currently, there are only three Regional Championships on the schedule – California, Kansas City, and The MAC.  Hopefully, more will be scheduled soon, but why not get that qualification out of the way?  Besides, June is a great month for traveling and dancing!

So, what do you need to know?  Let’s start with the California Regional DanceSport Championships.  This is a two-day competition tied to a one-day National Training Camp.  The events are set at the luxurious Biltmore Los Angeles, an iconic hotel that was recently named a “Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument,” and is celebrating its 100th anniversary.  This Millennium-brand hotel is beautiful and has a rich history.  The Biltmore hosted the Academy Awards, entertained six United States Presidents and countless film celebrities, and was the site of John F. Kennedy’s nomination during the 1960 Democratic National Convention.  Where else can you get an afternoon tea or sip of champagne in a place called the Rendezvous Court?  The organizers arranged a great price with a room block price guarantee until Friday, May 24. 

Smooth Professionals Alexander Romanov and Anna Blagodyreva at the 2024 Nationals.  Photo by Carson Zullinger.

The competition will host events for all ages (Pre-Teen to Senior V, Solo Kids, and Professional) and styles, including International Latin and Standard and American Rhythm and Smooth.  But that’s not all.  Argentine Tango is on the schedule, as well as the World Dance Organization (WDO) World Pro/Am Standard, Smooth, and Show Dance.  It will be a fun and eventful two days of competition, topped off by a Saturday evening Dinner Gala and Show featuring Latin World Latin Champions Giuseppe Nonnis and Dasha Chesnokova.

The California Regional organizers – Karina Smirnoff, Denis Kutepov, and Renata Shvarts – are promising a competition that “brings together the brightest talents in the industry, offering an exceptional platform to showcase skills and ignite passion…”

To learn more about the California Regional DanceSport Championships, check out their website  —  Early bird prices end May 1, so register now.

The second Regional in June is the Kansas City Dance Classic, June 29-30.  Now, in its 11th year, and continuing to grow, this charming 1 1/2-day competition is a dance favorite, with a clear focus on bringing Amateur dancers to the dance floor.  The Amateur/Amateur couples love it, and over the past few years, the Professional/Amateur couples have further filled the events to “up” the excitement.  

Datocs MAC 2024
Seniors Pat & Antoinette Datoc dancing Smooth.  Photo by Carson Zullinger.

This competition, the creation of much-loved organizers Matt and Ellen Pansing, first opened its doors as a one-day competition on September 7, 2013.  That is when USA Dance was introduced to down-home Midwestern hospitality, as dancers were welcomed to the lovely Camelot Ballroom.  In 2021, it became a National Qualifying Event and was among the first competitions awarded a Regional title. 

Kansas City Dance Classic, of all the USA Dance competitions, is the most reminiscent of past USA Dance events.  Now at the Marriott Overland Park, it continues to draw serious Amateur Athletes — especially Seniors — who are great friends on the carpet and fierce competitors on the floor.  At this event, dancers want and have grown to expect a large competition floor, a big practice floor, great music, and a lot of competitors…and that is what they get.  The Events include the usual International Standard and Latin and American Smooth and Rhythm.  However, amidst those are West Coast Swing, Country, and Nightclub dances which add a whole different flavor, crowd of competitors, steps, footwear, and costumes.  Altogether, it’s a fun time full of great competition.

Peter and Marilyn 2024 MAC
Seniors Peter Quintero and Marilyn Stechert dancing Smooth.  Photo by Patt Panzer.

Kansas City is an interesting place to hold a ballroom competition.  It is a city with a rich musical history and culture.  Kansas City, “the Paris of the Plains,” gave birth to the blues and is renowned for its fabulous jazz.  At one point, the 12th Street and Vine intersection was nationally known for its clubs and parlors, but that area has long been “renewed.”  Today, those seeking the Kansas City signature sounds of jazz giants, jam sessions, and swinging sophistication might venture to the American Jazz Museum or The Blue Room. And since we are talking about the great things in Kansas City…How ‘bout THOSE CHIEFS!  (I had to go there! Plus you will see Chiefs’ “swag” everywhere, including on the organizers.)

This year, the Kansas City Dance Classic was moved from September to June, which promises warmer weather with more opportunities to see the fountains and sights, experience the nightlife, and enjoy the markets and restaurants.  As for great food…everyone knows Kansas City is famous for its barbecue.  It’s everywhere and it’s delicious.  You are just going to have to try it for yourself…after you finish dancing!!!

The Kansas City Dance Classic’s website ( is promising, “Amateur Ballroom at its BEST!”  Early bird prices end May 18, and the special room rate, which includes breakfast and parking, is available until June 6. 

Latin 2024 Nationals
Alexander Vladimirov & Alissa Vladimirov were electric on the floor at the 2024 Nationals!  Photo by Carson Zullinger.

So how do you summarize all of this?  Two great competitions!  Two fun-filled weekends of dancing!  Two National Qualifying Events!  Two Regional Championships!  Can’t decide which one to go to?  You don’t have to…Grab your partner, tailsuit, Latin shirt, gown, fringy skirt, glitter spray, and shoes, and GO TO BOTH!  Registration is open!!  It’s time to dance and the dance floors are calling

2024 National Champions!

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