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Request for Feedback

By The Senior Committee
Photo by Carson Zullinger
Senior Committee Survey - Your opinion is important

Hello Seniors!

We hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Next year’s rulebook is currently under discussion.  The Senior Committee requests your participation in a short five (5) question survey. Your responses will allow us to best represent Senior competitors’ ideas and concerns to the Rules Committee on the issues in the survey.
To participate, just click this link: Link to Rules Feedback Survey – December 2023
The more that participate, the better the feedback we can give!
We thank you for your time.
Senior Committee,
Chuck Garrett, Chair
Christine Newman
Kathy Linn
Ken Wellens
Lee Oswalt
Matt Wedlin
Stuart Lucas

Answers must be submitted through the survey link, but here are the questions:

1) Currently, Senior I-V competitors may compete down, by age category, to Adult in their current skill levels (Bronze through Pre-Champ).  The exception is for Championship level athletes, who may only compete in two consecutive age categories.  There has been a request to allow Championship level athletes to compete down, by age category, as well.

  • Should the rule apply to the Championship skill level as well? Please give your opinion. Please include your primary age level and the skill levels in which you compete.

2) This question pertains to Senior IV and Senior V competitors only.  There is a proposal, for Senior V competitors only, to reduce the measures per minute (mpm) and duration of the dance time for the following:  Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, and Jive.  

For the mpm, Quickstep would reduce to 48-50 mpm from 50-52 mpm; Jive would reduce to 40-42 mpm from 42-44 mpm; and Viennese Waltz would reduce to 56-58 mpm from 58-60 mpm.  

As for length of time, the minimum length would reduce to 80 seconds, rather than 90 seconds.

  • Please give your opinion.

3) In WDSF, to compete at the Senior V age level, both partners must be at least 70 years old.  Currently, in USA Dance, to compete at this age level, one partner must ve at least 75 and the other at least 70 in the calendar year.

  • What is your opinion on changing the USA Dnce rule to match WDSF?

4) At this time, the Latin and Rhythm rules prohibit rolled-up sleeves for the Leader unless they are a permanently sewn detail.

  • What is your view on this rule?  Please include your rationale and dance level in your response.

5) If you have any rule you would like to see changed, please state the rule, what you would like to change, and your rationale.

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