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Senior Committee
Senior Committee at USA Dance Nationals: Senior Chair Chuck Garrett, Lee Oswalt, Matt Wedin, Christine Young, Stuart Lucas, Kathy Linn, and Ken Wellens.

Senior Committee Making Changes

By Chuck Garrett and Lee Oswald
Staff Author
Photos courtesy of the Senior Committee
Senior Committee - Survey, Initiative, and Success!

Editor’s Note:  Chuck Garrett and the Senior Committee continue to keep all of USA Dance informed and ensure the individual dancer’s voice is heard.  American Dancer thanks this hard-working committee.


Hello Seniors,

We hope that you are all fairing well after the Memorial Day Weekend Holiday.
1) Survey — We appreciate your input!
  • Some USA dance competitions are experiencing continued growth in participation. Although positive, growth causes some challenges for our competition organizers. We would appreciate your input towards addressing the challenge of competition scheduling. 
2)  Success — Senior V age-eligibility change.
  • The USA Dance leadership has approved aligning the USA Dance Senior V category with that of WDSF.
  • Senior V:  Both partners must be at least 70 years of age.
3) What! — Senior VI initiative.
  • Stay Tuned:  The Carolina Dance Classic will be piloting some Senior VI events. These events will not qualify a couple for Nationals, but will be a fun test of interest in this new “you are never too old” age category.
  • [Editor’s Note – There have been a few Senior VI WDSF events in Europe.  Dancing is great for the body and the mind.  We may dance and compete the rest of our lives.

4) An Inspirational Partnership.

  • Check out the latest Spotlight on Seniors article written by Senior Committee member, Christine Newman on USA Dance couple Clunis Miller & Ruby Jackson-Duncan.
  • You can find it in American Dancer: Spotlight on Seniors
Good Luck to all competing in June!
Senior Committee:
Chuck Garrett, Chair
Christine Newman
Kathy Linn
Ken Wellens
Lee Oswalt
Matt Wedin
Stuart Lucas

Meet Your Senior Committee Members!

Committee Chair Chuck Garrett and Member Lee Oswalt
Member Christine Newman with her partner Bryan Young
Member Kathy Linn with her partner John Linn
Member Ken Wellens with his partner Christy Wellens
Member Matt Wedin with his partner Tessa
Member Stuart Lucas with his partner Virginia

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