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Southeastern DanceSport Championships

By Tiffany Bouquet and Daniel Boman
Contributing Author
Photos courtesy of Tiffany Bouquet and Daniel Boman
A Southeast Regional and Georgia Retreat - February 16-18

It’s February. It’s cold, it’s dark, and Nationals is less than two months away. Isn’t it extra hard to practice when you know the sun sets at five o’clock?

Make like a bird and migrate south for the Southeastern DanceSport Championships this President’s Day Weekend. Our winter is mild, our hotel is cozy, and the competition is fierce enough to keep you warm. You can enjoy a nice break from winter while preparing for Nationals — a plan every coach will approve of!

The details

Friday, February 16 – Sunday, February 18, 2024

Crowne Plaza Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia

4355 Ashford Dunwoody Rd., Dunwoody, Georgia 30346

What’s Special This year?

World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) Open Events!

We are bringing the world to you, with the first WDSF events in North America for the year. Registration is booming for WDSF Open Senior III Standard and WDSF Open Senior II Latin, both of which already will start at a semifinal. These events offer greater prestige and a wider pool of competitors, an opportunity to earn WDSF ranking points, and a chance to witness amazing dancing.

New Vendors!

Southeastern offers a huge array of vendors — we have our traditional hair and makeup, costuming, and shoe vendors, but we also have a bodywork vendor that can treat your stage fright, warm up your muscles and relax you before the show. We also have a spray tan expert that has brought all her equipment to give competitors a beautiful glow before they walk on the floor — for a great price. Finally, our much beloved photographer has expanded his business and will now has a table and sign-up sheet for his services.

New Events!

Southeastern has always been a celebration of dance and the ballroom community, and we are proud to extend that tradition by offering even more opportunities for athletes to showcase their skills. This year, we are offering Master of Syllabus events that are open to everyone. These events allow competitors to demonstrate their mastery of the basics while testing their skills against dancers of all ages and levels. We have also added Switch-Role events where dancers that have developed expertise in both leading and following can show off their abilities.

What else can we look forward to?

We are keeping several crowd favorites, such as our highlight events. Highlight events are randomly chosen syllabus events where the finals run as part of the evening session, allowing those finalists to experience the excitement of being part of the evening show. This is a way for all of us to acknowledge where we came from, and to encourage us to reach further.

You can also expect same level of customer service that we strive for each year. Need a mint, shoe brush, or fan? We have them. Need help finding a TBA partner? We will search high and low to pair you up. We can change your registration, change your event time, change the temperature of the ballroom; we can do everything but change the results.

Enjoy an expertly crafted schedule that gives you time, to eat, change, rest, and change costumes without missing a beat.

Finally, we offer killer evening sessions, fun events, and team matches that get the crowd roaring and dancers of all ages competing.  Southeastern DanceSport Championships is an expertly organized, well-run competition. Early registration has closed but there is still time to register and earn your qualification to USA Dance Nationals. To register or book a hotel room please see our website at Happy dancing!


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