Reopening Ballroom Closets

By Rose-Ann Lynch
Managing Editor
What do I wear?

With the reopening of Ballroom Dancing in 2021, came the reopening of our ballroom closets.  

Ladies — What should I wear?  Can I wear last year’s dress?  Yikes, last year’s dress is actually from two years ago.  Will my favorite dress still fit?  Have styles changed?  Feathers, stones, or fringe?  How long?  How short?  Long floats, small floats, or no floats?  What color?

Men, you are there too.  Tail Suits with zippers, yes or no?  Can I get away with facial hair this year?  Shiny shoes or cloth?  Double-breasted or single-breasted smooth jackets?  Vests?  How low can my Latin shirt be unbuttoned now that I am 50?  Man bun?  Ponytail?  Rugged stubble?  

What have we all missed in the ballroom world?  What are they wearing overseas?  What do I wear to the social dance or the holiday party?

American Dancer is here to help.  We are starting a fun beat called “Style,” and hope to guide you through some of the ballroom trends that we are seeing on the floor.  What are the fashion staples?  What are some of the daring changes?  Who can wear them?  What do your dance clothes say about you and your dancing?  

We also plan to cover hair and makeup, ballroom etiquette, and ideas for selling or donating your preowned dance attire.

Look for the American Dancer’s “Style” page to come out soon.  It is always best to be “in the know.”

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