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USA Dance Nationals

By Rose-Ann Lynch
Managing Editor
Photos by Carson Zullinger
Done and Done Well!! The story is now available. Follow the link.



The 2024 Nationals story is now available.  Click here!


The USA Dance National Championships are March 22-24 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

If you are attending Nationals, please read this in full, we have a lot of useful information for competitors and spectators alike:

HEAT LISTS — The Heat Lists are now available!  Please be sure to check your heat lists before you arrive! The schedule is jam-packed and we are starting very early – 8:30 a.m. Friday, 7:00 a.m. Saturday, and 7:30 a.m. Sunday!

MAP OF FACILITY — A handy map of the lobby level and ballroom level is available. On the ballroom level, the main festivities will be held in Grand Ballroom 1 and 2.  Ballroom 3 will be for Hair and Makeup Vendors,  and Ballroom 4 will be used for on-deck space. King’s Garden will host our practice spaces, workshops, and other activities. Those of you volunteering will have access to the Volunteers Lounge in Kings Terrace.

Please note that due to the schedule, all awards for the Saturday Daytime Session will take place in Kings Garden 1. 

The College Lounge will be in Heinz on the lobby level. Feel free to use this quieter space to study, eat, hang out, or catch a nap. As a reminder to college teams, it is expected that if you are bringing in a lot of outside food to eat as a team, you’ll eat it in the college lounge and keep the room tidy.

CHECK-IN — Would you like to save a lot of time at check-in? Review the check-in process in advance and come with what you need! The big three items are a photo ID, proof of current USA Dance membership, and college competitors must submit a current collegiate ID (or similar proof of active enrollment). 

If you want to save the most time, you can pre-fill out the waivers – just don’t sign them until you get to the check-in desk.  

For College Team Captains – if your team is 12 or more people we plan to hold your registrations as a group. If you have team members arriving early, they can come ahead and show IDs and sign waivers. Once everyone has shown up with the captain, we’ll hand the packets to them. This will minimize the number of lost numbers and panicked newcomers bright and early on Saturday. If you would like to make different arrangements for the team, message the Registrar as soon as possible!


HAIR AND MAKE-UP — Don’t forget to reserve your make-up and hair appointments! 

KD Love Studio

KD Love Studio


Lashes and Brushes

Lashes and Brushes



Showtime Shoes

 Showtime Dance Shoes


Perlina Dance Designs

Perlina Dance Designs

Oleksandra Basko

USA Dance Consignment

CONSIGNMENTS — USA Dance Nationals Consignment is back! 

Bring your dresses, shirts, pants, costumes, etc. that you want to sell, fill out the tag with your price, and we will display it for sale for you. All that we ask is that you donate 15% of the sale proceeds to USA Dance.

If you’re in the market for attire that won’t break the bank, we strongly encourage you to browse the racks!


WORKSHOPS — Sign up for the National Workshops:  If you’re looking for a great opportunity to learn from the best while you are at Nationals, check out the times and professionals for our eight seminars! Full details can be found here.

All workshops will take place in Kings Garden 2 & 3. Workshop tickets can be purchased by spectators and competitors alike for $20 per workshop. Thanks to a very generous donation, participation for college students is free. Thank you, Mr. and/or Mrs. Anonymous!

Friday Night Social Dance — Back by popular demand is our Friday Night Social Dance hosted by the USA Dance Pittsburgh Chapter. The Social Dance will be from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in Kings Garden 2 & 3. All competitors have free access to the Social Dance. If you are not competing, but want to attend, you may purchase a ticket onsite for $10.

COSTUME AND SYLLABUS RULES — If you want ‘the gospel’ regarding costume and syllabus rules, you can’t go wrong following exactly what is laid out in the rulebook.  For the costume rules, our DRO team put together a fantastic appendix with helpful images! When in doubt, just ask them for the DROs at  Syllabus rules can be found here.

CLEAN SPORT — If you are a Championship-level competitor who may qualify to be a member of TeamUSA, you are subject to anti-doping drug testing at the National Championship as part of our CleanSport policy. Please review the list of banned substances and if you are prescribed them for medical reasons apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). Everything you need to know is here.


SPONSORS — We would like to extend our gratitude to all of our sponsors and scholarship donors for this year’s Nationals. Thank you once again to CUNARD® Cruises & Vivian Beiswenger for their sponsorship of the Senior 1 National Championships and Dance Vision for their sponsorship of Adult American Smooth. Learn more about these sponsors at,, and

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Dance Vision Logo


Do you still have some questions.  Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Nationals.

  1. Where is the Nationals website?
  2. Where are the entries listed?
  3. Where will the Nationals be held?
    • The 2024 USA Dance National Championships will be held March 22-24, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    • Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh DowntownWyndham-hotel
  4. Is this event open to the public? How do I get spectator passes?
  5. Who do I ask if I have questions about rules?
  6. Where do I find costume rules? Who do I ask if I have questions?
  7. Who are the officials for the Nationals? How are USA Dance officials chosen?
  8. Parking at the hotel is $35 a night for overnight guests. Any options?
  9. Where can I find the schedule of events?
    • Here is the most-recent schedule of events — schedule
  10. Where can I find information about workshops? Who are they open to?
    • Thanks to a sponsor the workshops are free to all collegiate students who are attending the National Ballroom DanceSport Championships. All other attendees the cost is $20 per workshop.
    • Info on workshops can be found here — workshops
  11. I signed up for events, but I am not sure I am qualified for those events.
    • Someone did a lot of work!  All qualified dancers/events are listed here — qualified-athletes
  12. May I apply dance wax, powder, or soap flakes to my shoes?
    • NO DANCE AIDS such as soap flakes or dance wax may be placed on the dance floor, and no water or soda may be put on the floor/carpet by the on-deck area or any other area of the ballroom. Doing so will result in a fine being assessed by USA Dance and disqualification from the competition.
  13. I heard there are discounts on flights to Nationals. Where do I find out about it?
  14. Where can I find some information about Endurance Nutrition?
  15. Where do I find out if my medication needs to be claimed before I compete?
    • Do not delay. Check out the anti-doping rules and get any needed paperwork in before you compete — anti-doping
  16. Who do I contact if I want to volunteer during the event?
  17. Where can I find information on the Social Dance activities?
  18. Where can I sponsor an event or a particular scholarship?
  19. Who is the USA Dance VP of DanceSport?
    • Daphna Locker is the Vice President of Dance Sport —
  20. How do I stay better informed about USA Dance and DanceSport?
  21. Where do I find a list of past National Champions? When will the 2024 results be added?
    • national-champions
    • The 2024 results will be added within a week of Nationals. Please be patient with us on this one.  It will be announced in American Dancer. 
    • If you are looking for all results, please check O2CM Results 

See You On The Dance Floor in Pittsburgh!!!


2024 National Champions!

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