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United States National Champions Anatoliy Shvarts & Tatiana Keegan won the Silver Medal at the 2024 WDSF Senior II Latin World Championships in Bremen, Germany.

USA Athletes at World Championships

By Rose-Ann Lynch
Managing Editor
Photos by Carson Zullinger
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Updates on 2024 World Championships.

As everyone waits for the Olympics to start in July, many wonder what is happening in the World of Ballroom. The 2024 World Championships are now underway, and our United States representatives are doing well. 

Yusuf Mihaylov & Elena Simonova placed 35 of 208 at the 2024 WDSF Senior III Standard World Championships in Bremen, Germany.

May 31 kicked off the 2024 World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) Senior III Standard World Championships in Bremen, Germany, with 208 couples, including two from the United States.  Dancers competed all day, completing seven rounds to complete the event.  The United States National Champions Yusuf Mihaylov and Elena Simonova placed an admirable 35 of 208, followed by Arkady Dudko and Lena Dudko, who placed 110 of 208. 

That same weekend, Bremen also hosted the WDSF Senior II Latin World Championships, which featured 65 of the World’s top Latin couples.  The United States National Champions Anatoliy Shvarts and Tatiana Keegan rocketed through four preliminary rounds to the final and won the Silver Medal for the United States — 2 of 65.  Michael Murphy and Christine Lys came in 34 of 65 and Denis Kojinov and Jeanette Chevalier placed 57. 

But there is more.   With the introduction of the new World Dance Organisation (WDO), not only are there WDSF World Championships but there are also WDO World Championships.  The majority of the WDO Championships are yet to be announced and competitors are anxiously waiting to see where and when each will be held. 

Conclusion of 2023 WDO World Championships.

The WDO finished their 2023 World Championships at the MAC in January and the United States had some stellar results.  Top United States finishers were:

  • Senior I Smooth – Justin Chiou & Hannah Bundus, 1 of 7 – Gold Medal
  • Senior I Rhythm – Ross Hill & Cardy Reis, 1 of 4 – Gold Medal
  • Senior II Latin – Anatoliy Shvarts & Tatiana Keegan, 1 of 7 – Gold Medal
  • Senior III Latin – Leland Andrew Prouty & Ilona Prouty, 1 of 6 – Gold Medal
  • Senior II Standard – Denis Polyakov & Tatiana Polyakov, 2 of 9 – Silver Medal
  • Senior III Standard – Yusuf Mihaylov & Elena Simonova, 2 of 12 – Silver Medal
Ross Hill & Cardy Reis won the 2023 WDO Senior I World Championship at the MAC.

Competition Calendars and upcoming events.

Our DanceSport Athletes are hard at work to represent the United States well.  July will bring four more events to the World stage, including the WDSF Youth Standard World Championships, WDSF Adult Latin World Championships, WDSF Senior IV Standard World Championships, and the WDSF Adult Latin Showdance World Championships.  American Dancer plans to bring you more results as they are made available.

If you would like to see what World Championships are coming up, check out the Ballroom Competition Calendar on the USA Dance, Inc. website. For those Athletes remaining stateside, the best competition calendar can be found right here at American Dancer.  

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American Dancer congratulates the above dancers and wishes good luck to those who have yet to compete. 

Go USA Dance!  Go USA!!


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