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Rules Reminders

By Daniel O’Connell
Staff Author
Photo by Carson Zullinger
Appropriate Coverage - Don't be invigilated!

Per Appendix A of the DanceSport Rules (DanceSport Rules, Bylaws & Policies – USA Dance, Inc.), minimum coverage is expected for all dancers at the competition. Trust us – DanceSport Rules Officials (DROs) do not want to have to bring this rule to a competitor’s attention at a competition.  However, our events are for participants from ages 8 – 88, so some decorum is appropriate.  

A common issue at Nationals was that costumes frequently looked fine while the competitor was standing still. However, once the dancers started moving, they would no longer comply with the appropriate coverage rules.

If you want a simple and easy way to test your costume, do rounds in your full costumes and video yourselves. At the end of each round, look at how your costume sits, and watch your videos to see how it fits you while you move.

For those of you who worry about possible invigilation, which could affect your marks, the DROs are here to help.  You may submit your videos to the DROs in advance.  They will review your costume and how it looks while moving and let you know if it is OK.  If you have submitted a video of your costume and received the OK from the DROs, that serves as a ‘safe harbor’ in most cases. They will still flag your costume and ask to speak to you, but you can show them your correspondence, and in all reasonable cases, you will not be penalized.

Make sure to get any invigilated items corrected as soon as possible to avoid possible disqualification in future competitions.

To talk to the DROs about your costume, you can contact them at





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