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Thank You, Lolita Brawner!

By Rose-Ann Lynch and Joe Dancer
Managing Editor
Looking for the Next Vice President for Social Dance

Although her love for USA Dance has not waivered, Vice President of Social Dance Lolita Brawner informed the Board of Directors last week that she must resign effective immediately.  

Lolita’s resignation marks a sad note, as her energy, drive, and charm were bright moments in the lives of everyone who dealt with her in this position.   She started with a bang, by asking all USA Dance Members to:  

  1. Challenge others and ourselves to learn to speak the USA Dance language, learn to be positive about this organization, share testimonies, and tell the dance story.  Let’s learn how to embrace new audiences, new technologies, social media, diversity, and each other.
  2. Challenge others and ourselves to be accountable and trustworthy.  
  3. Use the word “Lead,” as in showing the way.  How do we lead our team?  Provide a positive attitude, embrace change, take responsibility, and be the one someone can “Depend On, Rely On, Count On”? 

Her way ahead was expressed in her article “All board!  Tickets Please!”  Read it and you will see a unique lady with a unique vision.  

USA Dance President Ken Richards and the entire Board expressed their deepest gratitude for the service and commitment that Lolita has shown to our organization over the years as a chapter, district, and national volunteer leader.  Lucky for us, she remains in the service of this organization as the President of the Tallahassee Chapter and Director of District 9.  She is also now a competitive dancer.  This means that we may look forward to collaborating with her on many future projects, and we will see her on the dance floor.

Lolita, American Dancer thanks you for all you have done and continue to do.  We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!!!

USA Dance is now looking for the next Vice President of Social Dance to continue Lolita’s work, rebuilding the Social Division and dance community after the COVID pandemic.  This person should be a dynamic, visionary, and personable team leader who is up for a big challenge.  They will lead USA Dance’s largest division with over 4,000 members spread across over 100 active chapters throughout the United States.  

Vice President of Social Dance, in conjunction with the Chapter Relations Director:

  • Heads the Social Dance Division and oversees and guides the administration and development of social and/or recreational dance in the United States in accordance with the policies of the Board of Directors.
  • Presides at the Social Dance meetings and calls meetings as needed.
  • Submits an annual business plan and budget to the President and Treasurer.
  • Appoints and supervises organizers of USA Dance Social programs that encourage participation at a national level.
  • Has such other duties and responsibilities as designated by the President, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors.


If you are interested in the position, please submit a resume and letter of interest to President Ken Richards at, by November 27th.

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