University of Alabama Ballroom Team Members
The University of Alabama Dance Team placed 11 of 30 universities and colleges from across the country.

University of Alabama Dancers Had a Great Time

By Members of the University of Alabama Dance Team
Contributing Author
Photo courtesy of the University of Alabama
Looking forward to next year!

The University of Alabama had a phenomenal time competing at the USA Dance 2022 National Ballroom DanceSport Championships. The competition had the largest number of collegiate competitors we have ever seen at once; it was a pleasure to share the floor with so many other talented dancers. We loved seeing dances like Paso Doble and Bolero, that normally are not competed at the lower levels, being offered. 

It was a great opportunity to see many higher-level dancers and their extravagant attire and performances. 

We really enjoyed watching our fellow team members perform, because we personally know how much work, time, and energy we all put into ballroom. It’s nice to see it pay off for each other. 

The atmosphere of the competition was also very comforting: All the competitors were supportive of each other, even if they were in direct competition. The staff running the competition was also very understanding and accommodating toward us – they even adjusted the temperature as needed.

We appreciated the opportunity to get to know so many other couples and make new friends and memories. Looking forward to next year!

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