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Discounted Flights – GOOD NEWS!

By Joe Dancer
Contributing Author
Delta and United Airlines offering discounts!

In a previous article, we mentioned that we would have Delta Airlines travel discounts for many of our qualifying events going forward.  

In the future, for regional challenges there may be even more airline discounts available. We expect to have airline discounts available for all major airlines for the 2025 USA Dance National Ballroom DanceSport Championships.

We strongly encourage our members to utilize these discounts where we can negotiate them – they are free to use, take only a little time to apply, and the more they are used the more likely it is we can negotiate for them to cover more events.  

Our organizers will list the discounts available on their websites going forward, to help make it easy for you to track which discounts are available for which events.  We will also list these discounts in our regular listings of the competition circuit in our digests and in our competition calendar.  If you have any questions, please contact .

For Delta Airlines:

All travel arrangements booked by competitors or their family/friends to nearby-competition airport(s) are eligible to receive the discount for travel to the event and back. This discount will be available for several days before the event and several days after the event (including trips of a shorter duration). To utilize the code, you may search for travel on and hit the ‘advanced search’ feature to enter the Meeting Event Code NM3MZ. Alternatively, you may use the information below.

Delta Air Lines is pleased to offer special discounts for USA Dance Inc

You may also call Delta Meeting Network® at 1.800.328.1111* Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. (EST) and refer to Meeting Event Code NM3MZ.

*Please note there no service fee for reservations booked and ticketed via our reservation 800 number.

For United Airlines (For California DanceSport Championships):

To receive a discount for United Airlines, use the promotional code ZPP3886365. You may also use the following link:

You may also call United Meetings Reservation Desk Money – Friday at (800)-426-1122 for booking assistance.

Booking fees are waived for Meeting reservations. International customers may contact their local United Reservation Desk.

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